Research take-aways-Michael Schmidt

Born in 1945 after the end of World War II, Michael Schmidt, Berlin-born German photographer and winner of the prestigious Prix Pictet award in 2014, which is the highest recognition in photography in relation to contemporary environmental issues, was one of the most influential social-documentary photographers of the world. His approach to photography was investigatory … Continue reading Research take-aways-Michael Schmidt

Research Take-aways – Sally Mann

Sally Mann, a renowned American photographer, is the recipient of numerous awards and was named “America’s Best Photographer” by Time magazine in 2001. Her works are held by numerous prestigious institutions worldwide and she is the author of several books including At Twelve (1988), Immediate Family (1992), Still Time (1994), What Remains (2003), Deep South (2005), Proud Flesh (2009), The Flesh … Continue reading Research Take-aways – Sally Mann

Research Point: The Decisive Moment

Brief Watch the Henri Cartier-Bresson documentary ‘L’amour de court’ (‘Just plain love’, 2001) available on Vimeo: Write up your research on the decisive moment in your learning log taking care to give a proper account of the three differing views offered above, and any further research you’ve undertaken independently. What do you feel personally … Continue reading Research Point: The Decisive Moment