Assignment four: Languages of light

4 thoughts on “Assignment four: Languages of light”

  1. What a fabulous assignment Archna, and you appear to have learnt so much. You certainly cracked any issues with the lighting! Was the issue with freezing the action to do with the flash duration time from the Elinchrome? I’m just interested.

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    1. Thanks very much, Jonathan. I hope so – I worked very hard against time for this. yes absolutely, The flash duration and perhaps the ones I had were not powerful ones. Though I will quote some big photographer telling me that you won’t get this at all with Elinchrom- They are just not powerful enough.

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  2. Having read all your posts of the last few days at one sitting I am feeling quite overwhelmed. Your images are beautiful and our expertise shines through always. There is always so much to learn from your work and your lighting set ups clear and informative from which I am very grateful to learn. I see similarities in the flight of the acrobats and the flight of the pigeons in your last assignment. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

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    1. Thank you Sarah -that is so kind of you. I love the way you have compared it to the pigeons. I never thought of that. How clever! And I myself learned all of this during this section and am glad you found it useful. Always a pleasure to share and always a pleasure to receive feedback from you. To be honest, it got a bit overwhelming for me as well. Just glad I could successfully complete the assignment as planned.Best wishes and warmest regards.


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