Assignment three: The (in)decisive moment

12 thoughts on “Assignment three: The (in)decisive moment”

  1. Archna the complexity and beauty in this story is astonishing and absorbing in equal measure. In every photograph I am left wondering whether this is love or war? I tend towards not having text at present, but your pieces are thought provoking. For me the photographs would work equally well standing alone, but that is of course a personal view! As with the previous post I am especially drawn to the feet and footwork. It is almost a ballet.
    Thank you for sharing these exquisite images Archna, I am so pleased there will be a book.

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    1. Thank you so much for your absolutely wonderful feedback. You definitely made me smile. The book is already there in the post above – see it if you get a chance. I will send it to you on mail as well. The reason why there is text is that these images are taken from the book as my final ten and the photobook is the combination of select quotes from the Art of War by Sun Tzu and my the pigeon wars. Am sure you will enjoy the book. Many thanks once again Sarah.

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      1. I will look at the book of course! I always get in a tangle with IT when working on mobile devices! Even more of a tangle than when on my PC!! You are producing such wonderful work in tremendously difficult circumstances. We think about you very often as we listen to your 🦠news. Take care.

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  2. Thank you, Sarah, yeah things are quite bad here. More or less travel is out of the question with most state borders closed and 14 days compulsory quarantine. My kids are ready to head back to their universities in the UK soon. Thank you as always to take the time out. I really appreciate it.


  3. Wonderful photographs as ever Archna and the depth of your research and creativity is so admirable. I love the book, the photographs work will in both colour and B&W but I think I prefer the colour. I do find pigeons quite amusing, the way they strut around our garden and perform on the garden fence. Great assignment.

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  4. Thank you so much, Jonathan, It is so great to receive your feedback – The piece in colour looks so great because of that chance magical light that happened once through all this time right after the rains. Also, the background is that of a beige coloured wall so it all fit in and came together for that sequence- trust me the rest of the lot emerges out better in B&W as there is so much distraction and clutter around. It is always a tough choice between the two anyway, I hear ya!


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