Research take-aways – Lois Greenfield

4 thoughts on “Research take-aways – Lois Greenfield”

  1. What amazing photographs Archna and all straight out of camera! I have to say I had not heard of her until I read your post so thanks for this, it was really interesting to read about her method of working. Having the correct equipment is important but I think having a bid studio must help as well. I have often found that space has been one of my main limiting factors. She is fantastically creative.

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    1. Isn’s it? Her work is mind-blowing. Am so inspired by her. I also like to not edit my wildlife pictures any more than the usual finishing that needs to be done to correct an image. So it’s really motivating to find top photographers who one can look upto and heave a sigh of relief that you are not alone. Her work along with Mona Kuhn’s work is what is my inspiration behind my third assignment. A big studio is a dream!!

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