Research take-aways – Philip-Lorca diCorcia

6 thoughts on “Research take-aways – Philip-Lorca diCorcia”

  1. DiCorcia is just wonderful. #7 is one of my favourites.
    I think the ethics of street photography and photojournalism are changing all the time. Ironically as we are all watched continuously on security cameras and personal iPhones traditional street photography for aesthetic purposes becomes more challenging.


    1. He is indeed brilliant!! #7 is my favorite too. In India, I can’t even think of taking my camera out in the streets – it’s just so bad here. Forget the people, here the cops will extract money from you!! That’s why I always shy about street photography here.


  2. His work is wonderful, what I like is that he has captured the real person that you see rather than the person that is altered by the awareness of a camera, the portraits are very intimate, like he has captured a private moment of thought. I appreciate that this work caused problems when it was produced but I think that there is even more public sensitivity to street photography now particularly with the prevalence of social media.

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  3. That’s exactly what I loved about this. Am just in sync with people who do candid photography – for me, it’s so much more admirable and inspiring. As the rawness of a candid image is unmatchable. His work is fantastic. Although I don’t think in this country of mine street photography is ever going o be ok. Thats the reason that’s one genre I never have been comfortable with. I do my share of candid at weddings where I am paid to do it!! Lol!!

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