Collected Things

4 thoughts on “Collected Things”

  1. This is a very personal collection Archna and that is evident to me from the photographs . Whilst the B&W reveal texture and tones I prefer the colour images that bring the individuality of each ‘thing’ to life. The framing on the other hand I think works best with the monochrome images.

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    1. Thank you, Sarah. I agree with all that you have said. The colour adds to the emotion I think too! I really appreciate your stopping by and leaving feedback. Hope all is going smooth for your assessment. Good luck and my best wishes for it.


  2. I think I prefer the colour images as well Archna, they seem to have more soul. I love the little shoes! Such a personal collection that obvious;y mean so much to you. I also get very attached to “things”.

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    1. I agree. They do – I think the B&w, even though iI quite like them, appear cold and sterile, without any emotions – more suited to a museum sampling kind of documentation and the golden light and colours make them more human I would say. Thank you, Jonathan – I really appreciate your taking the time out to go through my work especially when I know you are busy as hell.

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