Research Take-aways – Ansel Adams

2 thoughts on “Research Take-aways – Ansel Adams”

  1. Great research Archna, Adams was real master. I found the video very interesting, to see how he manipulated the picture over time to give it a different look, closer he felt to his original visualisation. What interested me is that I used to hear, although not so much now, how using Photoshop to give a digital picture a ‘look’ was in some way cheating. It has been happening forever!

    Apologies for taking a while to catch up with your posts but I have been preparing for digital assessment which has taken me longer than I expected.

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    1. Thanks, Jonathan for taking the time out. It’s absolutely no problem, I understand how busy you must be. I still think it is cheating 🙂 no matter even if Adams did it. I still like to create as much as I can in-camera. I do post-process my fashion images a lot as that is the demand of the industry but I do not like to touch my wildlife images – to me that’s blasphemy 🙂

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