Exercise 1.4 Frame

3 thoughts on “Exercise 1.4 Frame”

  1. You have been really thorough with this Archna, I guess having to work pretty much indoors added to the difficulty for you. I found it an odd exercise, it is really difficult to not see or to ignore an element in the frame, it goes against your natural instinct but I think you have done well. I like the last part of your post listing your learning outcomes, I wish I had done this for the EYV, it might make this digital assessment somewhat easier.

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    1. Thank you, Jonathan. I did struggle with it. Ditto, my thoughts – odd being the right word! But I am glad am done with it as I could not move forward without finishing this. Trying not to have backlogs. In my feedback session with Andrea on my first assignment, she quite liked my recapping the research with bullet points and how I had done the research takeaways for the first assignment – https://archnasinghexpressions.com/category/uncategorized/research-one-square-mile/. I think its a quick referencing point also for myself. It s a lot of information out there and Andrea did provide some useful points yesterday so I am glad I am on the right track. Thanks as always to have taken the time out. Your feedback is always valuable.

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