What to include and what to reject?

4 thoughts on “What to include and what to reject?”

  1. Great reflective writing Archna, I think I should try this in the next unit, if I remember! It was a very interesting read, particularly the section about teaching composition or composing instinctively. I used to compose instinctively but now, since taking the courses, I tend to analyse the composition whilst taking the picture. Are the results better? I am still not sure but they are definitely more considered and relate more to what I want to say in a photograph. I love the example pictures here by the way.

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    1. Thanks, Jonathan, I myself am in the process of unlearning and learning again. Too soon to say if it will be helpful but am really finding it enjoyable – the process I mean. More knowledge can never harm I suppose. I think you were brilliant before and I think contemplated shots have to be even better coming from you. I look forward to seeing your work always Thank you for appreciating the images. My tutor asked me to use my own images as research references so I thought of starting here.

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