Means & Possibilities of Photography: Thomas Ruff

8 thoughts on “Means & Possibilities of Photography: Thomas Ruff”

  1. Such a thorough and interesting piece of research Archna. I have a much better understanding of Ruff’s work now. The influences from a wide range of media is important for me, including literature.

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    1. Thank you Sarah. Yes, I have been seeing that in your work that I often visit your blog to research to understand things better. I am so glad you liked this post – I researched to understand his works better myself. Also, I didn’t pen down my research effectively in FiP, resulting in my forgetting all of it by now, so I am attempting to document it well this time. Thank you for taking the time out.


  2. Really excellent research Archna. Ruff has some interesting view on portraiture, I think light and it’s absence gives form and form can show character whilst still showing surface but perhaps I am missing the point!

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  3. Thank you, Jonathan. No, you are absolutely right – what I am finding interesting in all this research, whether I fully comprehend them or not, is that it is opening my mind to various possibilities and that in turn I think is the purpose of this course. There are so many ways to look at any form of art and I am appreciative of the fact that studying about them makes me more knowledgeable than I was. It might or might not be something I am interested in or something that piques my curiosity but its amazing to see the creativity out there – something to be inspired by definitely.

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    1. I think you are absolutely “spot on” with your comment Archna. That’s exactly how I feel, my curiosity is piqued, I too am amazed and indeed jealous of the creativity of some of these artists. The research has also taught me not to be dismissive if I don’t like something, it makes me want to find out “why” and to try to understand, which is certainly a good thing.

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      1. Could not agree more Jonathan – besides being envious I also strongly believe that what we lack is the breakthroughs that these famous people had 🙂


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