Exercise 1.3: Line

5 thoughts on “Exercise 1.3: Line”

  1. These photographs are beautiful. Urban high rise spaces in a new light. The basement if not beautiful is an exemplar balanced compositions from which, as always I learn.it is wonderful to see the clear blue sky above instead of the smogs I recall in some of your FIP images .

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  2. Thank you so much as always for taking the time out Sarah. Yes, I enjoyed taking the pictures of the building. I love the perspectives that I can get from various angles. Oh, the sky is so clear and blue Sarah Like I haven’t seen in the last decade.- yes, the FiP images looked like they were taken in Syria – I don’t know how difficult it will be to go back to that – we are used to inhaling fresh air now. Today our lockdown has been extended further till the 17th and we had the biggest spike in cases all across India yesterday. I don’t know when we will see the end of it but the sky is beautiful every day and I am so thankful for this forced captivity.
    Stay well and stay safe 🙂

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