Assignment 1 : One Square Mile

10 thoughts on “Assignment 1 : One Square Mile”

  1. Beautiful pictures, as always Archna. I think you have made a good job in a very difficult situation, and as usual you have been very thorough and gone in to great detail. I am looking forward to seeing your future assignments.

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  2. What can I say? Any Square Mile with Barbets, Bulbuls and Drongos will get my vote! Joking aside, this is quite a unique approach to the assignment and an excellent response to the difficulties of being in ‘lockdown’. Also well done for getting such good images of what can be a notoriously difficult subject.

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  3. Yayyy. Hahaha! thank you so much, Dave. I really appreciate your feedback. Oh boy! tell me about being a difficult subject – The lockdown gave me the patience to pursue this else I might not have even dreamt of it but seriously, it has made me immensely patient from earlier 🙂 and has ignited some serious passion to study these babies. I am loving it.


  4. What a joy to have you with us again Archna. Your photography and expertise inspired me and taught me during FiP and this will I am sure be the case again. The birds are beautiful. The creation of a gallery is not something I have ever attempted, but I suspect will have to sooner than I know!

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