Lockdown reflections on the first assignment

9 thoughts on “Lockdown reflections on the first assignment”

  1. Archna,
    Glad to see you doing EYV, I started the course last year and had just reached assignment 3 when the lockdown in the UK came into effect.
    I’m glad that your children got back home from University in time. How are they doing at University? Hope they are enjoying their courses.
    I think any of the ideas you’ve come up with would make a really good basis for the assignment and each allow for an exploration of different styles of photography each with their own challenges.

    It was strange seeing empty shelves in supermarkets when it looked like the UK was going to go into lockdown. The amazing thing was the things that people went for. Pasta and flour I can understand, although how many people are experimenting with baking for the first time or now have a large amount of flour filling up cupboard space I don’t know.
    Toilet roll was the one that really surprised me though, none of the symptoms of COVID-19 suggested a need for it but people grabbed it.
    Funny how shortages of pasta, flour and toilet paper never figured in a lot of post-apocalypse novels.

    My own EYV learning log is at https://jennapowellphotographyeyv.photo.blog/

    Look forward to seeing the result of whichever option you choose to follow through with.


    1. Hey Jenna, so good to hear from you. Gosh, I had started to think about the course at that time too but now most of you have even finished. I really am far behind but I was travelling almost non-stop. Thank you for sending the link to your blog. It will be great to go through it and learn. Yes the kids are enjoying their studies and cant wait to head back but everything looks so uncertain – I do hope that their term starts by September as scheduled. Thank you for your feedback. I should start on it and will keep you posted as to how it develops. Most certainly the weirdest of human behaviour is coming out in this lockdown- if you ever get the reasoning behind the toilet paper do enlighten me also. I have been wondering about that so much. Hahahaha!! Yes, you are so right. Maybe we should do a research-based assignment on the toilet paper hoarders – I really do wish though that there was a way one could document this lockdown. It definitely would have made such a great piece of research. It’s a pity that am housebound. Hope I can come out with some good work. To be honest, it’s taken me a long time to have motivation to start this. I hope I don’t lose it anytime soon. Its good to be back. You keep well.


  2. Archna – have sent you a separate email with my old EYV links if this helps in any way. You have great skills so I am sure you will do well – one thing is that EYV and the other courses are slightly different ti the FiP, but that course will stand you in good stead.

    All the best


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    1. Thanks, Dave, it helps a lot. I will need all the motivation and it would be wonderful to go through your blog to understand things better. I appreciate. Do tell me in what sense do you say that this course id different than the FiP? Am curious to learn about it. Stay safe and take care.


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